Against Greece, our defense collapsed, the basketball captain regretted

“That’s right. Immediately after the game, we talked to the girls and the coach that we were getting very simple baskets. After dropping out of the car, from beneath the basket, it just can not happen. That’s how they gave ten points and that’s so much. The tragedy is not, but we have to win this game. Unfortunatelly our defense collapsed, “said Captain Veronika Bortelová.

For the third time in the tournament, the duel of the Czech representation was decided at the end. Against Ukraine and Belarus, the team always lost leadership, but it was enough to take it back, this time it did not work. “Our endings. We’re nine, and then we’re going to somehow wait.Today, we have not reached this winning end today, “Bortel said.

There were two more situations when basketball players could have settled, but the referees did not help. At first nine seconds before the end, they did not beat Alen Hanušová, who also fired a trophy, but did not get the opportunity to match the penalties. “It is possible that the foul could be shot and could give one more point, but I did not see it well,” Bortel did not want to blame the referee.

More sorry it was three seconds before the end of the car Came the judges and the desk of writers for a chance to play their signal on the missile for three points. “The judges shifted the time at the table. That gave the Greeks a lot of time to match their defense.If we played that signal, it could have happened otherwise. I’m not saying that would have happened, but they would not have time to form a defense, “she cried Bortelova. But she was defiant, defending the defensive, which allowed the Greeks to score 22 points more than their average in the tournament. “Those light baskets should not fall, we should have helped more. We knew that when Kaltsidu had a balloon, he would shoot or drive. We should have risked it and go into duplication and not leave the teammate alone. We did a lot of help, “said the Czech captain.

He does not give up and believes that if Turkey is to defeat Sunday on Sunday, it can still be enough for progress, although everything will depend on the coincidence of other circumstances. “We can not count anything at all.We must go to the game and try to win it. There are no calculations around here. Today we have been waiting for it, so we have to compensate it on Sunday, “she added.