Champion (yet) forbidden! Eventual celebrations of Varnsdorf also want to see Pelt

“The supermarket is close. We’re starting at five, at the end of seven, in two minutes there’s a champion on the pitch, that’s the smallest, “Frťala said wildly. “And let’s print the T-shirts at Vietnamese at any time,” he grinned.

Before the match of the century with the second league leader Olomouc, there is a relaxed atmosphere in the club, while Varnsdorf can score sensationally in the first league. But it may not even be necessary. It also depends on the outcome of the third Zlín with Vlašim; Two rounds before the end loses six points.

During the week, Energybet online bet Varnsdorf jumped to a football game. “We’re relaxing the whole season, enjoying football. And we believe we will continue, “Frťala wishes. Olomouc has the 1st league already in his pocket, but in advance he announces that he will beat Zlín as well.Moravia Moravia. “It is motivating for us to be afraid and mobilize all around us,” Frťala actually takes a valuation of his work.

Club Director Vlastimil Gabriel, before the kick-off at 5 pm, says: Playing for Zlin or for themselves. It’s also about their bonuses. Just the hardest rider will come in. “And the only one who had a virtually first-league squad this season. “They have dangerous experienced players like Ordoš, Vašíček or Petra. We have to be careful about the whole manchut, it is not enough to watch the individuals, “Frťal warned, who was again spreading the marod.Four Lukáš Landovský, who had been injured for a long time after a match in Vlašim, broke the cross in his knee. “We’ve gotten used to the complications we’re back to,” says the coach.

Two rounds, just one point, a simple equation for Varnsdorf. “It’s promising, but you know how it’s going to be,” director Gabriel does not prematurely.

And neither Frťala. “It’s a sport. Even that lead was not enough and it ended in failure. But we are inspired by the ice-hockey Litvinov, the first mechball did not use, nor the second, the third yes. They are a model for us, we just do not want to leave it for the last round, “Varnsdorf coach dreamed to celebrate the game at home, not in Ústí. Energybet online betting free bet

Although the club goes on a spectacular success, visits do not fast. Last year, most of the audience did not come to Most.On Olomouc however Basin could boil.

“People are now talking about us much more than a month ago, radically increased interest in tickets to Olomouc,” observes Frťala. “It will be great if we get to the limit of three thousand as in a Cup against Slavia. But we will also like 1,5 to 2 thousand fans. “

Miroslav Pelta, the boss of the Football Association, could also sit in the auditorium. By the way, a native of Varnsdorf. Former goalkeeper of the local youth club played.

“We have a promise to come. But I do not know he’s pretty busy, “Gabriel understands.

When is referred Varnsdorf and then also nods to participate in the first league, substandard stadium would top competition kicked right on the lawn Peltova Jablonec. Gabriel is the chairman of the Varnsdorf Association at 1.Lions have fun. “He certainly would like to be, even if it’s a complication. We are complicated for all, “he smiled. Does the club club from Šluknovský head to head to Czech football on Sunday?

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