Council again. The Slovácko has ruined the celebrations and other footprints

Almost six thousand fans but the stadium abandoned disappointed after a 1: 2 loss. Severočesáši were somewhat better, the anger of domestic supporters, but they were largely directed at the slogan of Tomáš Radu.

Another of his mines encouraged the player of Liberec, and on the contrary Slovácko became even more nervous. “He played for half an hour without a kiks but then disappointed,” said Slovak coach Svatopluk Habanec.

The key moment came in the 34th minute: The Council as the last home player played a simple ball forward but sent it only to the opponent’s kick .Josef Šural, Liberec, did not hesitate, he sent a perpendicular between the standing slogans on the battered Mark Bakoš, who went on his own and the goalkeeper Heču burned.

“The Stořáci Slovácka cleared completely on Baky. “It was not the first time Radu’s coat had ruined the match for the Slovácko players. And coach Habanec is aware of that. “We have a problem in the defense game. Again, we have to make it out. We have to think a little bit about it, “Habanec said.

Although he does not expect reinforcements to come into play, it is possible that he will intervene in his composition and under the impression of the last match.Councils may play for example Hofmann, Břečka or Šumulikoski.

Habanec considered that he would withdraw from the match right after his mines. “If we were not able to cope quickly, I would probably react,” he said.

The 32-year-old observer had noticed that his hesitation had come to an end. The unconvincing moments had even more, he had a yellow card, he was exaggerated, and had too much to fight with the Surah of Liberec. They both have said about exclusion.

“I do not think that’s a good person. I do not have good words for him, so I will not comment more on it, “commented Radu North Bohemian hero Šural.

Slovácko was able to return to the match thanks to Mark Havlík.The twenty-year-old Slovak midfielder even scored a nice shot to the gallows from a direct kick. “I train, I believe in these missiles,” the young representative Havlík said. “The goal kicked us off.” But 59 minutes after the decision was made, unsurpassed Šural – leaning against a deflected ball, which the defense could not kick off from the lime. “Šural is an excellent player, he was not in a representation now. His goal was probably our collective guilty, “the Czech defender Juraj Chvátal responded.

The Slovaks played most of the game in the game, but at the end the team managed to step up their pressure from the sides of the front of the long-distance Doška. “The combination of Liberce made us problems. We had to help with the trenches I do not like.But we did not have a chance, “the Habanec Slovak coach said.