Czech handball players have lost the key duel of the Euro, the process is celebrated by the Macedonians

They did not even score the best of the third places, which also secured their participation in the final tournament. Five minutes before the end, the coach of Jan Filip and Daniel Kubeš coached one goal from the result.

The Czechs missed the European Championship in 2006, since then they have started on all four of the following European Championships.

“We are disappointed that we have failed to move from our second place to the European Championship. But otherwise, today we are absolutely satisfied with the game deployment and performance of the team here in Macedonia.Today we played beyond our reach, which makes me very proud, “said coach Daniel Kubeš.

The representation in Skopje without injured support, including leader Jicha at the beginning, similar to the Wednesday lost match with France in Brno kept pace. The opponents were very well defended and almost all of the first half did lead, but the lead even failed to increase to more than two goals. The Macedonians in the stormy back were given three power plays and then turned the score in the last five minutes of the opening game . The Czech team did not succeed in the attack and in the dressing room despite the promising introduction went with a bad score 12:15. After the change of sides the Balkan favorite jumped to the difference of Energybet online betting deals four goals. The team did not give up, even in the weakened fight and in the 52nd.Minute after he dropped Hes after a leak in contrast to one jerk.

The Czechs, given the indecisive result of 27:27 from the autumn duel, needed a wicket to either victory or draw 28:28 or higher, but they could not finish the score. In the 28:27 home game, the biggest support of the Macedonians, Kiril Lazarov, was won twice, and it was decided.

“There are two feelings in me – huge disappointment and great enthusiasm Energybet online betting games and pride in what we are in today’s Match. Immediately after the game, I had tears in my eyes for the first time. I knew we had a Macedonian today, but unfortunately it did not work out.But the performance we surrendered was simply famed, “said Ondřej Zdráhal, the best shot of the Czech team.

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