Czech jockeys are not. One third of foreigners will travel to Pardubice

“It’s getting more and more misery. Czech jockeys are simply not here, “said an experienced horse horseman coach František Holčák from Velké Karlovice, who was engaged in the seat of his Gauner Danon for Grand Pardubice Bulhar Sertaš Ferhanov.

“He has been running for me for the past three months. He did not go big yet, but he can handle it. The horses work every day. “

Radek’s son Holcak, also a coach, originally agreed with the jockey Lukáš Matuský. “But he did not go to Switzerland without a deal, even if he had seven or eight starts at the weekend in Pardubice. He fell, wounded, and Radek was shot. One man is preparing a horse for a year, and then it turns out that way, “said Frantisek Holcak.A replacement for Matusky will be the horse of the Peintre Abstrait Englishman Tom Cannon.

Two coaches were also coach Čestmír Olehla. For Klaus he talked with Italian jockey Raffael Roman, Pareta will lead the Slovakian Matej Rigo.

“After Cuba broke up, I knew I’d have to look for someone. I tried Jardu Myška, but he decided for other horses, “Olehla said. “Another good Czech rider has already been busy and it is not so easy for young people,” Olehla said, one of the reasons for the absence of more Czech riders in the Grand.

“The riders must have some prerequisites. They must have ten victories or placements and pass a qualification.Michal Mikšovský is talented, but he does not meet it yet, “Olehla explained.

Do Czech coaches have any where to take? “The school does not produce boys, only the girls,” said František Holčák. “He is the same engineer or doctor, professional craft does not draw anybody.”

His words were also confirmed by the director of the High School of Race Sports and Horse Riding in Prague, Soňa Froňková, among others the Star of Great Pardubice.

“Girls have nursing tendencies, they like horses, but we have boys in classes one to two. They are more interested in computers, cars and motorbikes, choosing technical fields. Bringing boys to horses and races is challenging, “Froňková said. “In addition, young people have insufficient physical fitness, lacking moral prerequisites.They do not have endurance, determination, purposefulness. “

Froňková nevertheless hopes that in a few years there will be more adepts, who can also advance into the Great Pardubice.

“The status of pupils is now low. We are waiting for the tide of the population curve of children who have just started schooling, “she said. “And now we are trying to make a series of pupils’ races to give young people the opportunity to go.”