Czech Republic – Switzerland 3: 4ot. The young men fired the chances and lost two points

The Czech hockey players did not make a surprising victory over Finns (2: 1) in the twenties and in the second match of the main group of the World Championship they lost to Switzerland with a 3: 4 extension. Jacob Petra’s confidants twice lost two goals, but Filip Chlapík scored two goals with 3: 3. His goal, sixteen seconds before the end of the match, sent Nico Hischier to the game. The next match is expected by the Czech team on Thursday at 19:00 against Denmark.

There was a lot to keep the coaches of Jakub Petra coming out of the match with an empty one – in the middle of the third period they lost 1: 3.But then the striker Filip Chlapík took care of the settlement when he took his second hit today at power play at 59:44.

VIDEO | Look at the match of the match

Outside of the game, the defendant Kvasnička remained injured. The first goal was almost half way through the match. The Swiss striker In-Albon was given a space between the circles to take the puck for a moment and hurled Škark. In addition, Hronka sent back to Thurkauf after half a two-minute penalty, and the Czech team had a double-handed man in the second break.

The third act came out when Koblížek hit the ring, but three And half a minute later he took advantage of Riat’s additional numerical advantage and returned a two-goal lead to the Swiss. Rapidly used power play at 51.But the time was very fast.

In the middle of the 58th minute, the Czech youths had a great chance of redeploying in the form of a power play against the foul of Hischiera. They squeezed their opponent in front of his goal, they sounded the top pole, but only after its end, but came a reward for combat – 16.6 seconds before the expiry of the basic playing time equalized in the power play Chlapík, which prepared a good firing position Špaček.

However, there was no turnover. It took only 23 seconds for the prolonged puck to hit Hischier and decided.

Czech Republic – Switzerland 3: 4 in overtime (0: 0, 0: 2, 3: 1)

Goals and Recordings: 46. Koblížek (Zbořil), 51. F. Chlapík (Hronek, M. Špaček) M. Špaček, Zbořil) – 30. In-Albon (Hischier, Diem), 37.Thürkauf (Riat, Hischier), 49. Riat (Siegenthaler, Thürkauf), 61. Hischier (Riat). Judges: Lemelin (USA), Salonen – Suominen (both Fin.), Kohlmüller (Germany) Penalties: 7: 4. Usage: 1: 2. Viewers: 4683.

CR: Skarik – , S. Stránský – D. Kaše, Nečas, Kurovský – Jašek, F. Chlapík, Koblížek – Suchý, K.Reichel, Šoustal. Coach: Jakub Petr, Jiří Dopita and Petr Svoboda.
Gerber, Stadler – Riat (A), Thurkauf (C), Marchon – In Albon, Hischier, Diem – Miranda, Prassl, Eggenberger – Zehnder, Haberstich, Haussener – Portmann.

22:00 Latvia – Russia

02:00 Canada – Slovakia