Daredevils in the extreme race were clawed on the bridge even after four

“Every fours are heavy, and so was today. I had a fast pace, and I felt my legs halfway, “said the winner, who earned Harrachov’s fifth overall gold in the Red Bull 400. In the last section, last year’s Arslan won the winner Matjaž Mikloša from Slovenia. His tactic was also a looser start and a gradual addition to speed. Although the last 50 meters sprint, it was no longer enough for the Turkish Arslan. “Maybe it will take me four days in Austria in 14 days,” hoped Miklos, who in the meantime will make another race in the towerrunnig in Vienna.

Among the women, the Polish competitor Dominika Wiśniewska Ulfikr was celebrated at 5:05, 45.The fastest Czech was third in the rank of Vladislav Razy. Kateřina Beroušková was second in first place.

While in winter the K120 bridge crosses the ski jumpers from top to bottom, now it was exactly the opposite, in addition to the heat. Almost 700 daredevils sprinted from the landing area to the top. A few thousand spectators came to the race with strong international attendance.

The runners fought with steep terrain, a slope of up to 37 degrees, with heat and especially with themselves. Except for the first hundred meters, most of the people had to move their hands in the hill. Just before the finale the torrential rain changed the track in the ice rink.It was clear from the faces of all the competitors that they were the hardest four hundred yards in their lives.

They had the benefit of those who had the boots, cross boots with a rough outsole or rubber boots. The morning qualifying rounds ended at the top of the drum, but some of them had to help the footballers to the feet.

At the start of the race a number of famous athletes appeared: Czech triathlete Jan Kubicek, the World Cup competitor in the Piotr Łobodziński from Poland, the Dutch sprinter Jerrel Feller or “the world’s harshest firefighter” Lukáš Novák from the Prague Fire Rescue Service.

The Red Bull 400 race is held in seven countries.The Czech Republic ran for the second time this year and it is already certain that it was not the last time.