Do I have a globe? Well that’s funny. But your hand, Mr. Besseberg, I will not deliver

At the very end of this story, a small globe for the champion sprinter champion in the hands of somewhat surprised Czech woman.

At its beginning, however, after Friday afternoon on Holmenkollen, the procession of very tired women is seen.

“I have my legs rigid. I’m no longer on the track, I have to make smaller steps, “says Gabriela Koukalova before the start of the sprint and adds the wish:” Maybe this season is finally over, it is really long. To make my head start to nine races after the World Cup, it is too much. “

Women’s coach Zdeněk Vítek stands at the shooting range, at the melting and still slightly clouded Norwegian snow, and smiles.How many times did he experience such a state during the cup finale.

“At the end of the winter, you sometimes pull the forces from the deepest depth, you’re swept away, and you think you can not go anywhere anymore,” he explains. “But if you stay in the head with a raft, as well as the heaviest hill you go again, it will measure you at the end and you will find that it was not even so bad.”

That’s exactly what happens this time. P>

Koukalova seemed to be hurt the last fifteen centimeters before he walked through the starting goal.In her mind there is a struggle of two inner Self at that moment.

“I do not want to go,” he says first.

“You must,” says the other. “But the concept of a sprinter like a ruddy,” he says. “Ondřej Moravec, watching her start, is not surprised:” Does Gabin make fun? She was not out of the goal, she was out of it. “

See, I am not a machine

In the meantime, Koukalová loses 12 seconds. “What’s happening?This is not normal, she has somewhere scratched? “, Says Ondřej Rybář, chief executive.

No, nothing like that happened.

Later, the Czech World Champion will be excited to say: “From the first meters, I said that I was just ordering the race, looking at where the guy was doing, and then I missed all the wounds, so I will not even have to Jet fighter. “

Then perhaps he remembers the Fisher as he cautioned himself as he released the atmosphere:” I will stand on top of a hill, and if you do not, I will break your wand over you. “

But she is much more likely to wake her up again.

“She needed an impulse to cut her reluctance to race,” says the coach.

His warlord starts, stops losing, drops all five targets lying down and strikes at her: “You have only ten seconds first.” Eventually, at 14.24, Which no one could see anywhere in the winter.Laura Dahlmeier, the seemingly indestructible and almost infallible sovereign season, has three first wounds lying down, manipulating a gun, pulling away, losing valuable time.

“I did not match the terms. You see? I am really not a machine, I am just a person, “he will return to this critical moment.

What did she do wrong on the shooting range?

“I clicked on the opposite side than I had. Such stupidity. Three times I burned in the same place but out. “Only after another adjustment of the spell the remaining two targets were white.

They circle the penalty wheel and seem to lose the psychic powers. “I did not feel the freshest since morning.Moreover, I have reached for bad skis, “she admits, she is worried about the track.

She could become the first biathlete in history to put her hands on all the small globes, four individual and two relay events in a single season. The 28-point lead ahead of Koukal, who appeared to be quite comfortable in the Sprinter’s small globe fight before starting, suddenly may not be enough.

“I was so surprised I did not even need a perfect race, it would be good for me,” reminds German. Just think, her worst place in the season was the seventh place. This time he knows he’s going to find a lot deeper in the score sheet.


No one will call it.

But the last round of the round does not fly.

Gabino, you have a small globe! Goal, is third in the race behind fascinating Finkou Laukkanen and Francis Braisaz, then descends to the fourth place. Vlastimil Jakeš, in Oslo, acting as IBU Referee, commemorates the coaches: “Let Gabriel not go out of the target, he can take a small globe.”

EXPLOSED.Gabriela Koukalová at the finish.

When she announces it, she thinks: Do you shoot me? She did not study points before the start. “I did not know that I could still fight with the globe. Then ride, “she laughs.

Then all the mathematical wheels fit in exactly the way they are. “

” Gábino, you have a small globe! “

Five points have been decided. “Well, that’s funny,” he says, shaking his head, telling himself that it’s a scramble. It is as if she himself feels she belongs to her.

Although the fisherman is quite surprised, he does not agree with her statement: “No shame. It’s mainly a season-round globe, and Gavin’s been great.You can never predict anything in biathlon. Laura also makes mistakes. And today it paid for it. “

The title of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung web page says:” Dahlmeier can even lose it. “The one who is talking is headache,” Life goes on. It was a season of dreams. “

Holmenkollen is experiencing the day of many surprises. Mari Laukkanen, a woman from the top ten in the cup, is in the sight of George. Last year, in Oslo, in the middle of the world championship, prematurely ended her season, disappointed, without energy and without a gut. She allowed herself a long pause and wondered if she wanted to continue with biathlon.

“After three months I returned to him. And now I’m here, “shines.For the first time in his life he laughs at the highest level after the World Cup race.

THE GUT TO END, BUT…Mari Laukkanen is the winner of the final sprint.

Now is the time for decorating the absolute sprint champion.

Since 2014, Gabriela Koukalová has put her hands on one of the cup globes at least once in each winter. Now the series goes on.

The festive jingle, the announcer invites her to the highest level, and IBU President Anders Besseberg brings a crystal trophy.

Take her away from him…and not give him a hand! Purposely. That’s what she wanted to do after the relay in Korea, and that’s what she really did.

The Norwegian official wonders if he’s serious about it. Koukal smiles at him: “I’m sorry.I just will not give it to you. “

He will come out of the podium with the trophy owner who has just happened, and he explains,” The man in his office has long to do. If he had self-reflection, he would leave. He is no longer an athlete, about our rights, or about having fair conditions. It is all about him alone. I can not agree. “

The winners are listening to the world.

She is the winner of the globe. And he feels he has to talk that way.