First, the drama, then the defense advocate. Kvitova defeated Safarova final

“There is something in the air here in New Haven,” Petry Kvitova appeared on Facebook after the winning semifinals.

Really: although Kvitová does not usually stand on the North American line – and this year it also faces the consequences of the spring Mononucleosis -, New Haven can call its kingdom. She won her third title (2012 and 2014).Of the 18 games, there were only two in the game.

In the Sunday edition of the ranking, Kvitova, who, according to the spokesperson Karel Tejkal, ended up working with the psychologist Michal Šafář before going to the overseas tournament, moving from the fifth to the fourth. >

“It’s nice to keep the trophy again,” she smiled at the final ceremony.

Kvitová nejprve ztrácela, pak v “Prostějovském Final “ruled

At first it did not appear that Kvitova will repeat the triumph this year. Safarova had the first brejkbol in the match, the long last for any of the tennis. Safarova escaped 3-0 in the tie-break.

And Safarova, who entered the match with a 0: 6 balance against her most famous competitor, also won the first set.

Kvitova switched to a higher level.She began to distribute uncompromising victorious blows. In the second set she quickly scored two balls and escaped to lead 4: 1.

“You’re playing with somewhat less energy,” Rob Steckley, coach Lucie Safarova noted when he spoke to a clerk on a break. P>

But even his advice was not enough. Spittle Kvitova struggled to win. She overcame the audience with aggressive winning balls and hard-earned throws. In addition to the opening brejkbolu, she did not let her teammate from the fedcup team and the tennis team Prostějov to another.

The second set won 6: 2. And the third one.

After lining the Safari at the sword, he landed outside the court, raising his hands over his head. Then she started to smile, embraced her friend and could celebrate.Before the US Open, she raised her self-esteem by title.

“I think the first set was terribly tense. It came to me as if Lucce had taken some energy. She was very good in the first set, there was no chance of her losing, “Kvitova said. “I’ve tried to play the same thing, just like in the first set. It came to me that Lucka did not do so well. The chance to break came and the first break helped me a lot. I like how I finally did it. “

Hradecká won the 19th title in Doubles

The New Haven tournament had a Czech winner in the doubles. Lucie Hradecká, together with German Julie Görges in New Haven, won the first title this year.In the final, they defeated Seoul 6: 3 and 6: 1 Taiwanese-Chinese pair of Chuang Chiao-tchueng, Liang Chen.

For Hradecká, it was the 19th career title, along with Görges she was the first time to celebrate. The most titles, including grandparents’ trophies from the US Open and Roland Garros, won with Andrea Hlaváčková.

South African tennis player Kevin Anderson won the US Open at Winston-Salem. The second-placed player in the final defeated 6: 4 and 7: 5 Frenchman Pierre-Huguese Herbert, who came out of qualifying until the fight for the title.The Winston-Salem winner trophy picked up Anderson over the Czech tennis player Lukáš Rosol, who had triumphed here last year.

The fifteenth player of the world Anderson in the finals did not lose his hand once, and two breeds were enough to get He scored the third tournament career triumph. He has been waiting for him for more than three years, the last time he won in 2012 in Delray Beach. Since then, he has lost seven times in the final.

On the other hand, Herbert’s 140th World Player failed in his first single finals on the ATP circuit. Twenty-four-year-old French tennis player is particularly dedicated to doubles, this year with Nicolas Mahut, he has won a Queen’s Club tournament and a 21st rank in the ladder.