How on Tsong? I look into my notes, says Lukáš Rosol

It was his name, which the Třinec Mayor Věra Palkovská pulled out of the fate of the Czech Republic’s Davis Cup with France. And he specified the order of Friday’s duels. Lukáš Rosol will take part in the match against Jo-Wilfried Tsong. He has a negative balance of 1: 3 with him. But the very last duel, last year, in Vienna, the Czech tennis player was able to win.

Would you like to take the first pair of Czechs or did not you?
Do you believe in Tsong? Of the four duels you defeated him once…

“I have a negative balance with him, but our last mutual match I’ve won has shown he can play with him. So everything can happen.”

” I also have some notes written on it. And I’m still going to watch YouTube. Yeah, he’s a great player, I have to go over his weaknesses. This is definitely his bekhend that I must get through. But I do not want to betray a lot. I’ll try to make the most out of it. It depends, of course, on me. How do I play how to serve? It will be a few chances that, if they come, I will have to use it. I must definitely try to impose his game and not let him play his own.There he is dangerous and he can defeat anybody. “

Play your game, it means playing a lot of offensive…
” And take a risk. That’s my game. “

Let’s go back to your scraps. Do you write them after every game?
“Not everyone. If the matches with the same opponents repeat, I still draw on the original older scribbles. “

What data do you write about each player?
” I write his weaknesses, Where I’d best play against him. And there’s a lot to worry about. “

In daviscup matches you have had success. In March against Germany, however, you managed 2: 2 with an extraordinarily tense fifth decisive duel with Alexander Zverev.Do you feel that this victory has increased you before another daviscup confrontation?
“This game is a thing of the past. I have to build on how I get ready for that particular match. This match with Zverev is perhaps important to the captain, whom I have shown to be able to handle the last decisive game. “

How do you think the way to three points against France? < Br /> “We did not really do it, but it’s probably the case. Make two points through Pouille and try to win a double that will be extremely difficult. “