How the Shark drove behind the car. About Nibali’s Exclusion from Vuelta

“I’m going to win the stage and win the best result overall.”

“Me too!”

Somehow it looked like the press conferences of Astany in front of the Spanish Vuelta. Vincenzo Nibali, Fabio Aru and Mikel Landa – these were three potential winners of the Spanish Grand Tour in the colors Astana. Which one will be the strongest and the rest of the team? Maybe the biggest secret of the race was revealed to us from one third.

“I did not want to venture on Vuelta, I did not plan it, and so it is quite a pleasant surprise to me that I am here. However, Fabio Aru has been working on it for several months, and I think he should be a leader.I will work for the team and eventually also for the Fabia, “said Nibali 30-year-old before Saturday’s start. Nibali, this Sicilian Shark, known for his desire to win, even if he does Energybet online betting tips not have the best form, like this

No, it was a big splash of Sunday’s stage to the top of Caminito del Rey, a massive fall in the peloton 30 kilometers before the finish. There are several dozen cyclists on the ground, some rising, others getting up.

Ital Pelucchi of IAM has resigned at the start of the stage, following Tanner’s follow-up fall. While Pelucchi is “only” about numerous abnormalities and bruises, Australian Tanner goes to the hospital on the X-ray pant.Pole Niemecz, who suspects the brain.

Well, there is also a pitiful Paolo Tiralongo on the ground, with Fabio Aru and Vincenzo Nibali coming up. A ruler mechanic runs immediately with Aru and the young Italian goes on after a few seconds. A Nibali? Waiting, waiting and still waiting. When the wheels finally arrive, the blood will not be cut off.

“Everyone on the radio just shouted Aru, Aru, Aru! Did you see who gave me the bike? Martinelli. And how long? “He does not hide his indignation.

It begins a fabulous fighter when Sicilan takes two minutes for eight kilometers to fly on the main flight field!

“How is it possible?” Not only audiences at screensavers are asking.Ten Nibali must have amazing Form!In the shorter run to the top of the climb, but then a group of favorites is dropped and commutes a loss of a minute and a half. There’s something not going to happen here.

A few minutes later, the video will begin to play on the Internet as the Italian winner of all three Grand Tours releases from their group of pelotons. Does he have a propeller in his body? If we look at the shot from a different angle, it’s actually a great Italian comedy in the spirit of the accountant Fantozzi.

But now seriously. “The shot shows quite clearly. Nibali kept the car 100 meters away. The decision is so obvious.Vincenzo Nibali has been disqualified from Vuelta, “Vuelta chief commissioner Bruno Valčić announces in the evening.


It’s not the only punishment Astana does. The next two stages will only take one car in the column, and the sports director of the stable Alexandre Shefer, who is also excluded, will no longer be allowed to play at Vuelta. “The entire team of Astana apologizes to the peloton, the race, the organizers and all the fans for the damage caused by professional cycling,” the Kazakh official statement said.

P> They lost one potential leader, one car, maybe Paola Tiralonga, who had to shed 20 stitches.And especially – they lost respect.

And Nibali? “For what happened, I really apologize to all those who were outraged or they were ashamed of me,” he wrote on Sunday in his introductory sentence on Facebook.

On Monday, he dug around again . “Caleb Ewan was responsible for the fall. I wanted to talk to him, but he was gone. “

The Australian camp response did Energybet free sports bets not leave for long to wait. “Nibali, not only do you violate the rules, you do not even know the facts. Caleb Ewan was at the time of the fall of the team car.It was hard to cause a fall, “Oriky press spokesman Brian Nygaard said.

Nibali after the incident at the Tour de France, where he was wrongfully accusing Chris Froom of falling off the sixth stage, is now looking for the culprits of his misfortune Everywhere.

In Astana, it’s already at the beginning of Vuelta and Nibali’s “hunchback” only frustrated.

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