It testifies to our quality, it says about three big winnings from outside Bilic

Slaven Bilic has taken over West Ham after an experienced Sam Allardyce before the season. The team tried unsuccessfully to make it to the basic stage of the European League, but in the first round of the Energybet online bets Premier League it was a delight for West Ham fans who will be accustomed to the new home at the Olympic Stadium in London next season with a surprising win at Arsenal.

But the excitement was replaced by two home defeats.West Ham did not make it to Leicester and then to Bournemouth, who was the first ever winner in the UK’s highest competition in Upton Park. “That’s how we can not go on,” Bilic was angry at the match and called for the change that came.

Before the break, West Ham shocked a 3: 0 win on Anfield Road against Liverpool and the same style in the next round home also defeated Newcastle. So far the toughest test was to come to Manchester City’s 100% pitch.

“If we succeeded, it would be surprising but not shocking. This year we have won two big games out there, “he reminded journalists before Bilic.He knew why.

The League Injury of the goalkeeper Joe Map took over after six minutes, with a shot from a distance surpassed a guest from Chelsea Victor Moses. The second and decisive goal was scored by Sakho.

“We deserved to win. In the first half we showed great performance, in the second we fought and succeeded, “Bilic was delighted. “Manchester was a better team after Energybet football betting online the break, but my players, from the goalkeeper to the attacker, showed fantastic performances. Every time we could hold the ball and breathe a little, we did it. “

When winning both Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City, West Ham has also lagged behind the ball and held the ball. “You must be of some quality to be able to score two goals at Etihad and Emirates Stadium and three at Anfield.We have always shown a fully-fledged performance and have fought to the full, “says the coach who himself was behind West Ham in the English League.

To keep his current superiors on the front of the table, even matches where the creation of the game is mainly on them. Two of them will come in the coming weeks. First home with a newcomer from Norwich, then outside against the troubled Sunderland.

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