Jarolim goes German way. The players watch the menu, give homework

This is probably the biggest difference to Paul Vrba’s times. Coach Karel Jarolím is a well-known punk for the right life, which was felt during the autumn by Czech football representatives. At each meeting, they undergo a thorough examination and receive individual plans to work in clubs. Something similar is common, for example, with the German national team, the world champions. “There is no other way,” Jarolim emphasized when he detailed his way of working.

The Czech footballers were introduced to the national team at the first meeting under Karel Jarolím. Instead of going to the field, there was a doctor, a pretty good team.The players went through detailed health tests, each one later learned the state of his body.

“I can not say I was disappointed, but the reserves were there. We had three games so far, and the players went through three examinations. At first, it was not entirely optimal when players went second and third, some values ​​improved. That’s good news for me, the impulse that the guys think about it and want to do it, “he liked the Czech coach.

In the current football, little details are made.Jarolím believes that just the best tuning of the organisms of his prisons can help for better results. “I have a meeting with Dr. Suchanek this week, with boys undergoing an examination. I’m waiting for feedback, then get every recommendation on what to do. I will solve soccer things with the boys personally, but the biggest reserves are in the off-field, “said an experienced coach. Jarolim is a well-known pedant for the diet and the correct, professional behavior of his wardens. Soccer players who walk through his hands at the club level could tell. It was enough to put something on the plate that did not match the coaching requirements, and immediately followed an intensive interview.Then the start of the weight that Jarolim always used.

A representative coach who is not in daily contact with the player is more difficult than the club. Still, Jarolim wants to keep watch over and improve the condition of those he has chosen for the national team.

“I can not say I would consult with other trainers. In Germany, David (Jarolim’s son and long-time bundesliga player in Hamburg) experienced himself that the Hamburg-based representatives had their individual plans that they held. Everyone was willing, he took it that it was his duty. The Germans had problems at the beginning, but there is no other way, “Jarolím said.

The successful model is introduced by the Czech representation.Players will receive “homework” on the basis of their examination results, in which they should work in clubs outside of the official meetings. “They will get recommendations in strength, they will receive exercises to help them. Perhaps to get to the optimum level in speed. Plus menus to eat properly, “the sixty-year-old coach outlined.

The coaches of all the players are primarily responsible for club trainers. Has Jarolim found great differences between his superiors after the examinations? “They are not essential. There are some imbalances, including eating habits. We are waiting for feedback from players. Representing should be an honor for everyone, I expect everyone to do the utmost to be in the best of all places.It can also decide who will then come in, “the coach admitted.

The players take the trainers’ orders seriously. Such a Lukas Droppa decided to drop four pounds in a single month to be better prepared for the representation level. “But it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about making the player adjust its weight so it does not hurt the muscle. That’s why the tests are done so the guys know what to do, “Jarolim said.