Kraft became world champion on the middle bridge, Koudelka finished fourteenth

Austrian ski jumper Stefan Kraft is world champion for the first time. At the Lahti classical skiing championship today, he dominated the race on the middle bridge. The best of the Czech representatives was the fourteenth Roman Koudelka.

Last year in Falun, Kraft won the bronze medal in the middle bridge and now moved to Finland with a 99.5 and 98 meter long jump. The second and third place were occupied by the Germans – Andreas Wellinger and Bronze Markus Eisenbichler are silver.

Silver medalist from the Oberstdorf middle bridge 12 years ago Jakub Janda took 23rd place. This year’s junior world champion Viktor Polášek (31st) and Tomáš Vančura (35th) did not advance from the first round.

Koudelka jumped 93 meters in the first round and split in twelfth place with the Norwegian Standard Andrem Forfang.In the second attempt, Koudelka was half a meter shorter and two in the final rating failed. Janda jumped 89 meters at first, in the second round he improved the meter.

Poláček showed 89 meters and from the thirties he gave him 1.3 points. Vancura jumped from Czech competitors at least 87 meters.

Former winner of the Kraft Tour Four Crosses led the first round before Wellinger. The third was another Austrian Michael Hayböck but he did not finish the final and fell to sixth.

In the second round, the Germans attacked. Eisenbichler landed at 100.5 meters, the longest jump of the day and his first big medal. Wellinger scored exactly a hundred yards and waited for Kraft to lead, but the role of the leader stood and won two points.

“Unbelievable.Before the second jump I was terribly nervous, but now I’m happy. I am the world champion, “the champion was rewarded with only 166 centimeters high.

Favorited Polar Kamil Stoch, who had grabbed a sore knee after qualifying, had to settle for fourth. Kraft (Austria) 270.8 b. (99.5 + 98 m), 2. Wellinger 268.7 (96.5 + 100), 3. Eisenbichler (both Germany) 263.6 (95 + ), 4. Stoch 262.5 (96.5 + 99), 5. Kot (both Pol.) 255.1 (95 + 95.5), 6. Hayböck (Rak.) 254.4 (98 + 5) 7. Forfang (Nor.) 253.1 (93 + 98.5) 8.

Kubacki 251.5 96.5 + 93.5 9. Freitag 250, 4 (94,5 + 96), 10. Ito (Jap.) 249,8 (95,5 + 94,5), …14. ), 23. Janda 227.8 (89 + 90), 31. Polášek 109.3 (89), 35. Vančura (all of the Czech Republic) 107.5 (87).