Maradona: Inside FIFA’s anarchy, it’s time to kick Blatter into his ass

Argentinean Maradona uttered sharp words at Socorex’s Asian forum near Jordan’s Amman metropolis.

“The entire football world knows that there is total anarchy within FIFA. The only person decides on everything, even though he knows nothing at all. So it’s time to change. Even Blatter’s colleagues should recommend leaving. He has caused enough damage. It is time to step down and let us who are in the power to renovate football that becomes worse and more corrupt, “said Maradona 54-year-old. “If I did not believe Alí would be a good president, I would not be here.

We want a better FIFA for everyone. The healing of football is already under way. “

Swiss Blatter has been running FIFA since 1998, and at the age of 79, he will be heading for the fifth presidential mandate at the end of this month.Under his leadership, he faced soccer with several scandals, especially the controversy was the choice of the World Championship Organizers in 2018 and 2022 in Russia and Qatar.

“Blatter is afraid he will remain without a share when he slices the cake. I played at four world championships and this offends me. I was running behind the ball, but Blatter is championing champagne, “said the World Champion of 1986, who has criticized Blatter for a long time.

In the past, he said that Blatter Energybet free online betting is afraid of new elections because “I always said that FIFA is in the hands of those who do not even care about football.”

There is a need for this organization to take control to make progress.What Blatter does does not belong to football, “says Maradona, who is famous for his openness, hard lurks are Energybet free sports bets definitely not afraid. “Blatter never kicks the ball and is convinced he is the most powerful man in football. I think we have a great chance of kicking him in the ass. There is no doubt about that. “

Besides Blatter and Prince Bin Hussein, former Portuguese midfielder Luis Figo and Dutch Football Union Chief Michael van Praag will be the FIFA Chiefs Officer.

Blatter should be Maradona’s favorite Bin Hussein.The Jordanian Prince promises to restore public confidence, fight for player rights, emphasize fans, but also use $ 700 million (about 17 billion) of FIFA financial reserves to build new playgrounds around the world.

Former FIFA Secretary General Jérome Champagne and former French footballer David Ginola did not get the support of five member societies.

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