Master deprives Sparta, Boleslav heads. Olomouc continues to win

Because the Vítkovice-Pilsen duel is only played on Tuesday and the cooling defect at the Zimní stadion Luděk Čajka postponed the Zlín-Pardubice match, so on Sunday there were only five extra-league duels on schedule.

In two afternoon games, the teams took part in the first places of the table.

Sparta was replaced by Mladá Boleslav, which dominated the match in Karlovy Vary thanks to the start and two goals of Pacovský.

invincibility against the strong Třinec, which he allowed to score in the end and beat him 2: 1.

Even on Sunday, the Haná spanned ride continued, thanks to which Olomouc pulled away from the bottom of the table and moved inconspicuously to the top.

After winning the races in Boleslav and Brno and the three- victory over Pilsen counseled with Chomutov in a 5: 2 ratio.

On the contrary, it does not succeed in another moravian whole – the Comet.After Friday’s defeat in the raids with Olomouc, she managed to defeat Hradec Králové, who, like Hanáci, jumped on the table.

The wheel wrestler, in which the title defense welcomed the current leader of the extraliga, offered a handsome and thrilling hockey. Sparta twice led the tricks of Peter Kumstat and Daniel Pribyl. However, Litvinov made two draws thanks to Viktor Hübl, who gave the sixth goal in the 6th round in the season, and Jakub Šrámek.

The prominent goalkeeper Jaroslav Janus and the Pražané won the second consecutive raid against the more active guests. While Martin Réway excelled on Friday against Hradec, he did not give Janus neither his or his teammates on Sunday.The winner of the penalty shootout was the only goal of the champion from the stick of Viktor Hübl.

In the duel of the Slovak goalkeepers, Jan Lašák was rewarded, who only collected 25 shots, plus two and a half minutes before the end. In the rest of the time he defended his goal and Liberec, who led the victories of Vit Jonák and Michal Řepík, scored three points. In the third match under Ještěd, he defended the domestic invincibility in the new season, despite the fact that after the champion Litvínov he also welcomed the last vicemander of the extraliga.

Winning the two previous defeats in Liberec and Sparta was also the first point win in the city after three matches with Kometa.The home team, thanks to the two-year support of Adam Couchrain with Bedrich Kohler, jumped to a very solid visit to Brno in the table and climbed to fourth place.

The Ice Hockey Champions of Mladá Boleslav scored the third time in a row. They decided in Vare in the first third, winning 4: 1. The two goals scored their 200th start in the home competition, the visiting striker Dominik Pacovsky. The West Bohemians remain with only three points last.

The Hanots have put more than three goals in the season for the first time, and they have a dangerous newcomer from Chomutov. Olomouc confirmed that she is currently a team on the rise, she won for the fourth time in a row, making her sixth on the table. The two goals were contributed by the striker Aleš Jergl.