New home of Baník: footballers played, but fans stood at the cash registers

“I’m curious as to what it looks like in the new Bazals,” one of the spectators said as he approached the cash registers. They are stuck in long rows. It has long been played, but hundreds of fans were still in front of the stadium. They did not get to buy tickets in advance and go through the turnstiles.

The fans had decided to get a car ride a little harder.

The racing street is under reconstruction until October 4.

“Refreshments could also be better, beer is missing,” Frantisek Kupil reported at halftime. After all, supporters chanted: “We want beer!” It is not sold at the stadium by decision of the representatives of the city. So in Ostrava it does not apply that football includes beer and a couple.It was at least alcohol free.

As a curious fan, the attacker of Hockey players Vítkovic Rostislav Olesz arrived in the jersey of Václav Svěrkoš. “I do not think there’s any great atmosphere here when the whole boiler is missing, but people cheer and acoustics is great,” Olesz said. “The stadium is Energybet bet sports beautiful. I have to admit that such a stand is for Ostrava football plus. “There were 6,091 spectators in the auditorium.

” People were heard. Plus, when the roof is here and it’s closed. The atmosphere was not bad, but…Bazali are Bazaly, “said Milan Baroš, who first came in his career as an opponent of Baník, which is an icon.Viewers repeated his name a few times. “I have good relationships with them, I have nothing to do with them, and I will always like to come back here,” added Baros, who was grateful to the audience for the favor.

“The fans were great, There is a situation, “reminded Filip Kasha of Ostrava to part of the club’s fans.

” I do not like current bosses, but I fancy Baník and he can not manage. Notwithstanding that anyone could buy a club, “said František Kupil. “Young boys in the team now need to stimulate.”

Can the Ostrava footballers in the new environment feel at home? “When you are the first time, you do not feel at home,” said defender Michal Frydrych. “We have to get used to, but the stadium is nice.Let’s see how it will go on. “

The Sabbath duel had several milestones for Baník. The team first entered the new stadium, for the first time it was played by Milan Baroš and for the Ostrava club Energybet online betting it was 2,000. The match in the highest Czechoslovak and now Czech competition.

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