Sáblíková brought the medals! The plane fell asleep and Dr Novák took a drink for her

Another part of Martina Sáblíková’s medal treasure is at home. The world champion of the world championship in Kangnung, Korea, brought gold from the race to 5,000 meters and silver from the troika. She returned to the Czech Republic as the most successful athlete in the history of the world championship.

Twelve hours on the plane? It can survive when it’s a funny machine.

“It was perfect. Korean air hostesses were excellent, smiling, pouring, “coach Petr Novák told the experiences of the medal car. “First champagne, then wine. I tried both white and red, both were good. Then I tasted Chivas Regal, eighteen-year-old…”

The tired champion himself went to bed after a glass of wine.But he can remember at any moment that he has become the historically most successful speed skater of history in the World Cup in Korea. This title lasted after the end of the championship, because the Dutch Ireen Wüst could not react to her fifteen-year-old at fifteen.

“I did not register this at all. It was a great surprise for me, “said Sáblíková. “I was waiting for Ireen to be fifteen. If she won, she would skip me. That’s how I can enjoy it for two years before it’s over again. “

In the speed-racer world, Sáblíková’s performance was a great response.She has won the ninth championship in the series for the fifth time, and since 2007 she is still in the high stakes.

“They followed me and congratulated me, at first I did not realize why. Then I just realized that she was first in front of Ireen, “said Novak, who used emotional moments during the announcement.

” It was odd. I stood between the steps and the flags. I needed to make a video, shoot Martin. I also sang about it. I just found out that I was starting to scream. As I was screamed from the five, I could not grab a voice. I just sang somehow, even the teaser was there…”

Sáblíková is still waiting for the World Cup in Hamar and the last World Cup in Stavanger.But he is looking forward to the end of the season. The main one has already won. She has two medals from the World Cup and the World Cup’s long-distance championship is hers.

The following year, she returns to Korea to the Olympics. What will be next? “Martina is set to win another ten years,” says Novak. Sáblíková, however, prevents such predictions. “I’m not sure if I’ll skate like that for a long time. It’s in the stars, it’s really hard, “Sáblíková said. “We’ll see what will be after the Olympics…”