Sharapova did not have a chance. The final of Wimbledon is Serena Williams

Sharapova vs. Serena Williams, the central courtyard, set the scene for two tennis stars. It was supposed to be a premature final. But like a few times the struggle quickly became a clear matter.

Russia lost to the thirty-three-year-old American seventeenth game in a row, winning the Wimbledon final and Wimbledon final in 2004. But the events on the court were more like a duel for the 2012 London Olympic gold medal, which did not last for an hour and was the shortest mutual reason.

Sharapova showed nervousness in the first game, when she made three double bouts and lost the service. Serena Williams did not beat, her lead was mainly due to the cannon service.The statistics are incredible: the four lost fiftines after the first run, 13 es, Sharapova did not have any brejkbol.

When the Russian tennis player reached the 0-30 score, the unobtainable spheres came and the screaming Sharapova did not return the ball over the net .

Russia’s key moments erred. Her dominance, Serena Williams, has shown in the last game – Sharapova has not even shrunk on her return: three aces, one doublescore and another blow to the sword, a straight point from the show.
Legendary American is so close to the fourth Grand Slam triumph In the series and the third of the four pieces needed to complete the Grand Slam calendar.

Serena Williams will play in the final at the All England Club for the eighth time, winning five times.She last participated in the final medal at the 2012 Olympics. “I’m excited to be back in the Wimbledon final. I have not been here for so long. I’m feeling very good and being here in the finals is always great. “

This year’s American tennis score is also breathtaking – 38 victories and one defeat from Kvitova on clay in Madrid. Grand Slam has not won 27 games in a row, winning 279 points in third place in German Steffi Graf.

The second finalist of this year’s tournament is surprising. Only 21 year old Muguruza, in the All Enlgand Club for the first time in her career, will try the atmosphere of the Grand Slam finals. “I have no words.I can not explain it, “she laughed in disbelief at the interview after the match. “It’s like a dream to be in the final. I wanted to win, because of your whole life. “

With Radwanska, the 2012 finalist, she played fearlessly. Muguruza did not cry to the more experienced ladies on the other side of the court. In the first set, the Polish opponent twice blazed, not offering a single brejkbol and earning 12 winning balls. In the second set the Spanish player got into the advantage, led 3: 1 and seemed to move well . Radwanska rose, however, exchanges began to prolong, which the tournament thirteen witnessed.Polka won six games in a row, but at the beginning of the third set, the young Spanish squad broke the series. But at the end of the decisive set, Radwanska was back in the game. Behind 5: 3 was a brejkboly, with another match in the auditorium apparently someone from the team of the Polish player shouted cars, Radwanska interrupted the exchange, but the hawk eye showed a good ball – instead of another bribe opportunity mecbol.

Muguruza turned it She lay down with her stomach on Wimbledon grass. Tears of luck glistened in the eyes.

The last Spanish finalist was Arantxa Sachézová-Vicari in London in 1996. Her follower is in any case a heavy Grandslam premiere in the final.

“It’s great for her and for me.She has already beaten me so I have something to come back to, “said US star Serena Williams of the Spanish rival.