The awkwardness, the unfortunate moment, Kalas related the score received. And the draw hurts

At least a day, that is, the Englishman is doing a night out in Olomouc in Italy. Before winning themselves – after winning or under certain circumstances and after a draw – the top four teams of Eura up to 21 years and the young Czech representatives will open the way to the barrage of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

“It would be something else Go straight to the semifinal and have Rio in your pocket. But we have nothing at all, “Kalas continued.

Draw 1: Energybet free bet online 1, which was not enough in the sum total, was born in the second half. The final onslaught and a lot of center scores did not overcome, Krejčího trefa brought only a leveling. The Czechs lost in Eden, but they had to win with Serbia because of the parallel duel of Denmark and Serbia.

Here’s the story of the goal.He started on the right hand Koubek goalkeeper, striker Volland drew up the ball to end the touchline, quickly stuck it back into the ground and immediately centered. “A bad luck, a goal again after a kicked ball. Was similar to that in the first match against Denmark, “comparing Captain Jakub Brabec.

” He cross by somehow bounced and left midfielder fired. Morning I went over his arm, and I even deflected it, but I did not get to respond more quickly to her off, ‘said goalie Tomáš Koubek.

Who could avert the danger was just Kalas. “I was in the right place. That center was pretty shiny, I did not want to go out to miss him.Finally, I left my leg to hit me and flew, “Kalas said.

But the ball only slightly bounced, fell in front of the goal, and Schulz broke up near Koubka. “It was awkward, unfortunate moments. Maybe it could have been prevented, but it started with me, “Kalas admitted.

“When we were fast to 1: 1, I was relieved, but I would not have decided if…If I kicked the ball, it would end 0: 0. To defeat Denmark, we did not have to win over Serbia…The game broke down the match against Germany, which we did not win. Possible point against Denmark is missing, but we have to take things as they are. “

And how are they? The facts are: Germany 1: 1. The draw means the third place in the group overall.Semi-finals and direct progress to the Olympic Games in Rio are fucked.

Will England help the Energybet free bets online barrage now? “I’m sure he’s the favorite of the second group,” says Kalas, who is Chelsea himself. “In the evening we will look together, let’s put it on a big screen.” And after eleventh, it will be clear: either Kalas et al. Extend the Euro by a barrage, or lose.

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