The best race of my life, assessed after Australia Fernando Alonso

To understand Alon’s claim, we need to look at the results and course of pre-season tests. For McLaren, you were a huge trouble. Before this season, the FIA ​​released the engine development. After three years, manufacturers could re-engineer their drive units, resolve the fault, increase performance.

Mercedes has done better, Ferrari even better, but Honda did not. Not only did the engine lose more than last year’s performance, not only did Alonso complain that the Straight was 40km / h slower than the riders, but Honda did not even build a reliable aggregate.While at the Barcelona circuit drove a Ferrari or Red Bull hundreds of rounds, McLaren for solving minor or major defects were in the garage.

Looking at the test results were poor, McLaren drivers traveled in a row or one-third of the race and Fernando Alonso ago race in Melbourne found that to finish it impossible for his car and gain points like Sciene-fiction. But in Melbourne it lacked only a few laps to really Spaniard won the points.

Fernando Alonso qualified in an amazing 13th place after penalties for Ricciardo started twelfth and long ride in the points.The tenth place came only five laps to go when just suffered a low absolute speed of your machine. At the finish line around it swept both Sebastian Ocon car with Force India and Nico Hülkenberg Renault with the machine.

Finally, the race did not finish because two laps later sent him to the pits suspension failure. Yet for him and McLaren he was unexpectedly great result.Alonso several times exceeded all expectations.

“It was probably the best race of my life,” said the rider. “I probably have never had a car so hopeless, I’ve never gone into the race without basically any winter training and the points we lacked at least second round. But then I rode points. It’s incredible what we are here as a team with the trial-managed car. Although it eventually just did not work out, I’m probably a better race ridden in my life. “

Before the other races but Alonso remains a pessimist.Performance in Australia for him, the result of coincidence and does not expect that it would be something else in the near future again.

“The Thirteenth place in qualifying and then ride in the points race, it will be for us in the upcoming races impossible. The circuit in Australia is a complex, unpredictable, narrow, bumpy and you need to have experience with it, you could race on it. Even that was my advantage. But on a normal track will be different and it will cost us several places. We will be farther back.I expect in the coming weeks a lot of frustrating races, “added the Spaniard ill-tuned.