The general decided in the Vondrk races, in Finland quarter finals

The Czech team’s opponent determined the outcome of the evening match in Ostrava, in which the Finns defeated Russia in raids and ended others. The most important match of the tournament is on schedule on Thursday at 20:15.

At the final match of the Prague group a little bit was known that the two teams did not really do anything. The Czech team had a duel with Switzerland as a quarterfinals, but the players did not convince too much. Maybe they just did not want to show their real strength…

The performance of the home team influenced the early retirement of the star Jaromir Jágra (more HERE). Coach Ruzicka had to go through the attacks again, and from the beginning of the co-operation she was scrambling.

The Czechs did not even play a numerical advantage, which could be decisive in the play-off.The most dangerous shot was sent by the German defender, he fired just above.

The Swiss did not have too many chances, but in the beginning of the 17th minute when he signaled the elimination he had an impressed Ambühl before a completely empty goal. It must be a goal, but…No! The Swiss did not make it.

But after Caslav’s elimination the home to three went up and stylishly Kevin Fial crossed the pass through the goalpost, crossing goalie Pavelce who did not move.

Fiala wanted to show off his Czech Grandmother and parents who watched him from the gallery. Mladý Čechošvýcar was still active.

Shortly before the game he could rejoice again.He picked up a stick when he tried to shoot and the space for a separate leak opened to Brunner, his chance being eliminated by Pavelec.

In another weakening (and that it was!) Brunner failed again. This time the shifting goal keeper was helped by Jordan, who had a pocket burst in front of the goal.

In the third third, the Czechs tried for traditional support of the crowded auditorium. But for a long time the offensive game had no idea, it turned out how the 43-year-old Jagr did.

Eventually, however, the reward for fighting and the great efforts of the hockey players.

It is the fourth active attack that Martin Zaťovič has scored for the fourth time in the statistics.

The blacksmith has won the ring from the mantinel, and Zaťovič’s shot in the top corner of the goal.The fans were suddenly in a trance, not even in this match there is no representation of the shooting.

The Czech influence in the basic group framed a prolongation. However, contrary to the opening match, Sweden and Switzerland did not decide to extend the game despite the fact that they did not decide on an extension, so there were separate raids. He first scored in the match Čechošvýcar Fiala for the second time, but the Czechs wanted two points. Captain Voracek controlled the bluff with such boldness that he knocked Berry’s goalkeeper. Ambühl, Kovář and Löffel did not change, so Michal Vondrka had the decision.

“The happy man” of the match with Germany did not disappoint again and the shot between the concrete gave the Czechs two points and optimism before the quarterfinals battle with Finland. / P>