The man who runs basketball: an Israeli Democrat who works at night

The possible ride to Rio is still very long – the finalists will go straight to the European Championships, the 3rd to 7th teams will then secure the Olympic Qualification. If Ronen Ginzburg did it, the first foreigner in the role of the Czech coach would become a legend.

How did he become a Czech coach? By combining experience, great workmanship, ability to give some freedom to players, and having a strong bond to the ground. “He speaks of me as a foreign coach, but I know the Czech mentality,” he said, when he replaced Paul Budinsky in 2013. And he is right: since 2006, he has worked for seven years in Nymburk, first assistant and then also as the chief coach.This year he came back and believed when he said, “I missed Nymburk.” “I have seen him in Nymburk in both roles. From my point of view, he is a modern coach who understands basketball, “says ex-deputy Radek Nečas, now head of the national team. “As a former basketball player he has a feeling of wrestling. I played very well under it, and I think he does not even have things right here; it’s not a dictator who has everything pushed to the last spot. It’s open to the opinions of experienced players. “

Here is a coach called” Neno “Democrat. But that does not mean he does not have high demands. “In addition to Michael Jordan, everyone has to improve,” he said once – and so he has access to basketball.He points out that his work is never ending; it is a nonstop search for information about your own team and your opponents.

“You should ask our assistants when they suddenly call them lately to see a match,” Necas smiles. “Basketball lives day and night.” And literally, Energybet online football betting at night, he worked to invite Czech players overseas; after Jan Veselý, soon after his appointment he went on an inspection trip directly to the NBA.

Another Ginzburg feature: cares for the personality of the players, the character is as important to him as performance. “He does not speak much, but he’s a smart coach. He reads very well the game, has a feeling for alternation, for pace.He is very experienced in this, “judges the representative captain Jiri Welsch.

He knows Ginzburg mainly from this wrestling site. But, according to Radka Nečas, Israeli is not only a good coach (in the sense of art to respond to development), but also a coach.

“As an individual training session, most assistants work with you. And I remember from Nymburk that she has good exercises for both perimeter Energybet online betting deals and sub-squad players, “recalls Necas for the time Ginzburg made an assistant to another Israeli Muli Katzurin. His game of credo is “tempobasketbal”, which is a lot of sitting for the momentum of the national team.

It is easier for a native of Tel Aviv to learn about his basketball life than personal.In front of the journalist, he is “briefing type” – cimrman’s words – he does not take long talks. However, players and colleagues from the implementation team have the opportunity to learn more. “It’s funny with him. When he goes outside, he will hold back for a moment, but he is not a man who would be in a big group. Rather, he keeps his privacy, concentrating on his basketball world. What makes out of it, there is not much people left, “says Necas.

Because of Ginzburg, the official team language is English, but be careful if someone wants to jerk behind the coach’s back. “I think Neno understands more than enough,” says Necas. “Sometimes we were surprised when we had fun in Czech – and he was quick to react.”

But now Ginzburg wants to surprise the Eurobasket.Best so that his belief in the Olympic ambitions of the team might also be fulfilled.

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