We sat on a walk, but tomorrow it might be the opposite, Rutta believes after the debacle

On the side of Mladá Boleslav, it was a good thing. “What we’re going to do is ride back there as trains,” he said, honestly, to defensive work of his team, Chomutov defender Jan Rutta. His team got loaded 1: 7. In the first match, the play-off play was off by a big debakl, Mlada Boleslav is on the horse, the series continues on Tuesday in the Pirate Lap.

In 12 minutes, Chomutov lost 3: 0, Boleslav speed was up. “They are dangerous from the breads and that was the main problem. They played just like the whole season, but we in the defensive phase played really badly, “admitted Rutta. Chomutov doubled the goalie twice during the debacle. After the third goal, Ján Laco came from Tomáš Král instead of Tomáš Král.Minutes before replacing Laco after the seventh goal. “There were not so many shots on us. But on the other hand, what was going on at our gate was a goalie. We did not make it to our goalies at all. That was wrong, “Ruttu said.

He tried not to suffer any depression, but rather to think positively. “We won three times in the base and lost one game against Boleslav. Now we’ve lost one day. Well, let’s beat them again three times. It would be fine, “he smiled. The clean head cure for number two? “Get down and do not bother about it.It happened, on Tuesday it could fall the same way on the other side, “added the defender.

Seven goals in the Chomutov network can also be taken as a good slap:” Paradoxically, it may be better if you get such boiler. It’s still just one point in the series. Maybe we thought it would be all alone. But bum, bum, we were attacking it and it was after the game. Well, we sat on our ass. We must start with honest work again. I think it will be good. “

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